Why us? How are we different and how can we be 30K less then most companies? We make no money what so ever off the pool kits saving you as much as 20K. You buy the kit we set up for you with a super seller that sells for less then I can buy it as a dealer. This keeps you from having to give us so much down and you are buying the pool direct! We do everything is payments as pool progresses We are contractors and we want you to have a pool that saves you money and functions the best for you. We don't build pools with minimal circulation so we can sell you hundreds and hundreds of dollars of chemicals a year! We install pools that can run on a small amount of chemicals and have a lot of circulation like you would have in a creek and not like a pond where the water is all full of algae. Why should you need all these chemicals if it is the same water you drink, cook and bath in daily?